Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Baby Shape Candle Tarts

Baby Shape Candle!!

We're so happy to introduced our Baby Shape wax melts! We just love our new baby shapes , that we just had to blog about them. These are our 2.oz size candle melts, so you'll get 4 of these cute little baby shapes.

A truly unique candle melts that will inspired that will inspired your home and/or business.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Guest Spotlight: Once Upon A Planner

An Interview and My Favorite Etsy Planner Sticker Exclusive:

I was so happy when Alyssa wanted to share love of stickers into an awesome business.

1. Tell us about your workspace?
I have converted my spare bedroom into my craft room/workroom and I love it in there! This has become my favorite room in the house and this is where I go everyday to get away. I have my computer set up on one desk with three cutting machines nearby. I then have a LARGE work desk which I use to assemble packages! This work desk is great because I can really spread out all of my papers, pens, tape, and packaging supplies! Of course there are adorable pictures, quotes, and craft themed d├ęcor all around as well!

2. Where do you find inspiration for your stickers?
Most of my inspiration comes from my own planner needs! For example, when I was in nursing school, I had created stickers to help me keep track of homework, exams, and assignments! I too and so I made them available in my Etsy store!

This is similar for the themed sets that I do! If I decide I want to do a "balloon" spread one week in my planner, I'll create the layout and then when it's done, I'll list it in my Esty shop for others to enjoy as well! It's quite simple for me because I do not sell anything in my shop that I don't personally use in my own planner!

3. Do you do custom order?
Yes, I will create custom orders, however it has to be a reasonable request! I will change dimension of the sets to fit other planner besides the EC (Erin Condren planner) layouts. I will change colors around and I will also create custom functional stickers!

For example, I had a customer undergoing treatment for breast cancer and she wanted something uplifting but functional. She needed stickers to track of all of her upcoming surgical and doctors appointments. I created a beautiful breast cancer themed set and included some of my favorite motivational quotes in order to keep her positive! This was one of my favorite custom orders to date!!

4. How did you first become interested in making your products?
My love for planners and stickers started 2 years ago when I enrolled in nursing school! I was looking for a "simple" planner to keep track of daily assignments. During an internet search I stumbled upon the EC planner and I saw the BEAUTIFUL spreads people were creating with it! With a passion for scrapbooking and anything creative, I knew that this planner would be perfect! After receieving my 1st planner, I immediatley went to Etsy to purchase stickers but often had a hard time finding ones that fit my needs or my style. Thats when I decided that I would begin making my own! After a few months of designing and developing my talent, I then opened my Etsy store in order to share my designs with others!

5Are you into planner, if so what is favorite planner to use? I love my Erin Condren planner! I will admit, I am a horizontal fan too! I have tried a few other planners in between but my heart keeps going back to the EC!

6. What are your goals for your business in the coming year?
I absolutely love designing layout and making stickers for people to enjoy! In the next year I hope to be able to expand my inventory, offer more design options, and my ULTIMATE goal will be to transition to a ready to ship store!

Thank you again for including me in your blog! This interview was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed answering your questions!! You have some really great questions here and they really got me thinking!!

You are so welcome!! Be sure to check out her awesome stickers and if you are a planner lover like I am, you can find a lot of stickers to help you in your day to day busy life style or you could just dress up your planner that you have.

Click her to be taken to her shop Once Upon A Planner NJ

Saturday, July 23, 2016

New Candles~Tuesday


It's another Tuesday where we highlight three of favorite candles that we have added to our awesome Etsy shop. For our first highlight we will be showing some spoons. These goes great with our ice cream scoops. These are some of candles that you will find in my shop. I have been busy with making products for an upcoming contest to have your own store front!!

You will get 8 of these scented wax melts spoon shaped which is adorable. You can choose the color and fragrance of your liking. I think customers would enjoy seeing these arriving in their mail box.

 White Pearls Treat Bars

Blue Ice Pearls Treat Bars

We love how our Treat Bars came out and they smell divine and a perfect fit for any tealight candle warmer. I have the base any color of your choice, top off with white and added the pearls to give it more bling.

These little Bars comes 8 in a Pack. The Pearls comes either White or Baby Blue.

My Favorite Sticker Vendors

The Happy Planner's Stickers Vendors

If you read my last post about my new planner book(click here to read Part 1), then you know about my obsession with my new planner book. You know you can't have a planner book without having stickers to match. Yes, I am loving the whole world of stickers community.

Here are planner stickers that I used with my Happy Planner.

I have a list of three favorite vendor to shop for stickers are:
1. Berry Sweet Stickers
2. Love your Planners
3. Once Upon a PlannerNJ

Be sure to check out these vendors if you're into looking for stickers for your Planner.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Teacup and Saucer Candle Melts

Did Your Morning Tea?

When you think about tea, do you often have scenes from Alice in Wonderland or the Victorian area with the big fancy hats and white gloves? The tradition "Afternoon or Morning" Tea has changed over the past year. I love teas myself and this week we are showcasing our Teacup and Saucer.

Here are Saucer and Teacup that is available on my Etsy's Shop

Delight your tea enthusiast with this lovely candle melts decorated Saucer. This delivers an awesome fragrance day after day. You get a cute rose decorated plate. Don't forget to get the Teacup to have a set. Total weight 2.oz
Plate Diameter for Tea cup: 3 5/8"Thickness: 3/8"

And don't forget the Teacups!
Delight your tea enthusiast with this lovely Tea cup shape candle melts set. This delivers an awesome fragrance  day after day. You get two half cup when put together make one full teacup. Total weight 2.oz.
 Half Tea Cup:Height: 1 1/2"Width: 2 1/2"Thickness: 1 1/8"

Monday, July 18, 2016

Spoiled Rotten Giveaway Hop

It's a Spoiled Rotten Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Spoiled Rotten Giveaway Hop!
MamatheFox and On Honeysuckle Hill are happy to host the Spoiled Rotten Giveaway Hop! Each spot in this giveaway hop will feature prizes that you would feel spoiled to receive. MamatheFox has the grand prize which consists of a $20 credit to The Fizzy Fox, a $20 credit to Bodylicious Skin, winners choice of (1) pair of earrings from Jeweliansun and winners choice of (1) necklace from The Lovely Raindrop!

Here is what we are giving away on our Blog!

Due to Hot  Weather here in Michigan I will have to replace some of the Soy wax with our other Candles!!
Cute Critters and Candle Warmer

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Behind the Scene~Monday

New Sliceable Baby Candle Melts

Every Tuesday we love to show our new candles or candles that we will be highlighting to our awesome Etsy shop collection. Summer is here and our very popular theme is ice cream. Our Ice Cream scoops look similar to a real ice cream. You get 2 of these adorable Ice Cream Scoops. They are great as Baby Shower Favors.

My Etsy Shop