Wickless Candle Tips

How to use wax melts and tarts
by Cynnamon from Tantalizing Sampler Box

We know that using a candle warmer is an easy and safe alternative to burning candles. It simply takes choosing the correct wax warmer for you and the proper wax to melt. Different tart or wax melts comes in different sizes and shapes.
In this video Cynn has different styles of candle warmer that goes best with the size of the tart or melts. Some of you who don't know what a candle warmer is I have provide a question and answer.
Q: What is a candle warmer?
A: A candle warmer is an electric appliance that warms and melts scented jar candles and tarts releasing the fragrances without a flame. Candle Warmers are a quick, safe, clean, and healthy alternative to enjoying scented jar candles in the home. There are different type of candle warmer lamps, lanterns, crocks, and plates.
Q: Do the Candle Warmer Lamps work the same way?
A: A specially designed Halogen bulb melts the candle the same way as an electric candle warmer. The candle starts melting and releasing fragrance in a matter of minutes.
Q: How long do the bulbs last?
A: Most bulbs last between up to 1,500 hours. Our bulbs are replaceable with our lamp tart warmers. We sale them 3 in a pack for $2.00 as well as our 4.45" Warmer Dish  which we sale for $4.00. 
 Q: How long does it take to for the candle to melt?
A: If you are using a Candle Warmer Lamp, it only take a few minutes. If it's an electric Candle Warmers, it can take thirty minutes or more depending on the size of the candle.  
Q: How will I know when to replace my candle?
A: This is one of the most asked question that I get. Melting a wax tart will not cause the wax to burn off.   The continuing use of the candle is repeatedly heating the fragrance. This in time will eventually evaporate the fragrance and the candle will produce a weaker scent. Once this happens it’s time to replace the candle. All you have to do is just simply pour the melted wax into an empty metal or glass container and discard. 
Check out this great video below and find which candle warmer best fit your favorite candle1  


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