Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pop Up Shop~Holiday Shopping Event

Vendor Pop Up Event

When I had my first popup vendor event, I had no idea what to do and It was very much overwhelming. Why was it overwhelming, well because I didn't know how should I set up. How will I make my booth stand out from the rest? What do I need at the event and If I made enough products.

For One~Have a nice smile and say hello to make them feel welcome. I asked them do they like candles? This not only break the ice, but allows them to finished a conversation with great ease. They look at my products closely and therefore create a sell.
 In the picture above, I have my candle warmer with some pieces of candle melts scented in Beverly Hills Glam. This way they see how to use a candle melts, just in case some of shoppers don't know what a candle melt is. A few really didn't know how to use my candles and lucky I had my candle warmer nearby. I also gave out free samples with my business cards. What a Great idea!! Everyone took one.

Colors~ I had my white tablecloths that I had for three years. I love the way it gave my table a neat look instead of black or dark colors that I have seen other vendors here at the event use. This also made my products stand out. On this table I made sugar scrubs and gift sets that I made to sell for $15.00 and my Gourmet soap in the pink and white was huge seller as well as my bath bomb.

I had a few bath salts and body oils left, but one thing I learned at this event is to have a larger sign with price with each products so that shoppers could see it. I had these wedding cup I bought from the Dollar Tree and made my signage on a card stock. I still made a lot of sells.

These were the gift set that I made for the vendor show. I only made ten. I have another event coming up next weekend.

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