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Rust Jewellery Design~Shop Spotlight

Feature Shop Spotlight: Rust Jewellery Design~An Etsy Shop

I work mostly from home. I am lucky to have a work space in our barn where I have most of my equipment. However with the non-metal based work I have a small work corner in house, an area I have to try to keep tidy so that the creative flow doesn’t end up taking over the house.

Where do you find inspiration?

I love silver! Sometimes I’ll wear a whole hand full of silver rings. I think it’s because I grew up listening to my parent’s music, Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin and fell in love with the Bob Dylan etherial image of the woman with, ‘silver bracelets on her wrists and flowers in her hair’. I guess this has always inspired me in my boho-grunge style.

I have spent a large chunk of the last five years traveling and I always make sure I come back with some form of jewellery. This started in San Francisco with a ring to my latest acquisition, a silver anklet from India. The different cultures I’ve seen have been very influential on the jewellery I make.

What are some of your goals, hopes, and dreams for your shop?

I am very open-minded about Rust’s future. I trust that Etsy could provide me with a great opportunity for the growth of my store, but it doesn’t come easy. I am very proud of Rust and will continue to look for new jewellry making techniques. I hope that people will love my products as much as I love making them.

How did you first become interested in making your products?

I studied Fine Art in Dublin, and became interested throughout my college years. I read up on different jewellery making techniques and then would try make them. It was mostly trial and error really. I’ve always been creative and as a child I would have crafted a lot with my grandmother, or painted with my dad. That love for crafting and art carried on through to my adult life. If I’m not making jewellery I start making photo albums or clothes; theres always some new project on the go.

Do you work on your shop full time?

It depends. It is still a bit of a ‘feast and famine’ business – sometimes I am very busy and sometimes less so I have other work for those more lean periods.

Do any of your designs have a special personal meaning for you?

The idea for my shop grew from my love of jewellery and design and my wish to create something that was affordable, fashionable and of good quality. I get impatient with bad products and especially metal that leaves a mark or tarnishes quickly. Everything I source and make has to meet those criteria-affordable and quality. Being in my twenties I have gone through the college years where you have to be more creative to get the style you want without breaking the bank, while also trying not to lose quality. This is integral to my brand, that I keep quality, style and affordability throughout all my pieces. Saying that I don’t have any particular piece that shines above the others. Together they stand for what Rust is.

What are your goals for your business in the coming year?

I would really like to get some momentum in my Etsy store. I enjoy making my jewellery and would love to expand my shop and branch out into other metals. With my history in photography I also enjoy working on my social media which I started when I opened my shop and has become a focal point in itself. It is part of my creative perfectionism, in that I not only want to make beautiful products but want them displayed beautifully as well. The shop is a whole artistic experience for me, right down to the very package in which you receive your product! I think that makes a difference. It allows the customer to appreciate all parts of the experience, especially if they are buying it as a gift for someone. I guess that my perfectionism may slow me down at times but it fits for me with the core of what Rust is…not only affordable but also stylish and high quality at every stage of production.

About Dzifa: She is a Fine Art graduate, from Dublin Ireland. She have spent the last few years traveling and have seen some amazing parts of the world! She has always been creative and have always knownshe wanted to do something creative, but never really knew what. Now that she no longer traveling the same way as she used to she decided it would be the perfect time to do this, which is something she have always wanted!

My Instagram is rust.jewellery

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