Monday, October 17, 2016

Behind the Scene~Candle Shape

Candle Shape: A Look at our unique candle shapes part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of our candle shapes. If you haven't read part one then click here. I mention in part one that we currently have eight categories which I am going to talk about three of them in this post.

Sweet Melts

Everybody love a good sweets treat every now and then. In this category we showcase our desserts and right now we have a great selection to choose from. Ice Cream Scoop, Treat Bars, sliceable soy Bundt Cake and even a Wedding Cake.

Holiday Shape Candles

These candles are all about the holidays. Above are our Fall and Christmas theme colors candles. We also have gift boxes, and for Valentine Day we have cute theme shape and fragrances for the Holiday Seasons.

Sampler Wax Bag

By special request we had to add this category to our Etsy shop. We want our customers to sample some of our amazing fragrance. Sampler bags are a great way to sample our candles without commenting to a full product. We have eight bags to choose from.

We also have Sugar Scrubs, bath salt and Body Oil.

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