Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Look at our Candle Shapes

What's Your Favorite Candle shape~Part 1

Hey candle lover! What's your favorite candle shapes. I love to step out of the norm with a candles in a jar. I love to make candles and I want something that is different. By different, I mean in shapes. I will show all of my categories of candles and bath products that I have on my site. Since I have so many I have to divided it up in two parts. I have a total of 8 categories in all so let's get started.

Baby Candle Melts Shapes

We actually have fourteen different shapes listed. The ones picture above comes in our tart melt size which is 2oz as well as in slice-able which is 4oz sizes.

Our Baby Dish and Baby Bibs only comes in tart melts.

Diva Melts
These candles are considered chic and dainty shape melts. These shapes includes our designer shape hats which not included. This also included our Lips, Hair Styling Set, Hat, Purse, Lipsticks and Fancy Fan.

Household Melts
This category is all about the home. Some items doesn't fit in any of my other category, so you will find it here.
This category includes: Teacup, Washing Machine, Framed Rose, Spoon, Plate and Teacup sets.

Men Shape Candle Melts
We can't forget about the men. In this category we have three shapes, but I will add more. The fun shapes.

This end part one of the fun shapes that is available in our Etsy shop.

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