Friday, September 30, 2016

Packing Orders!

Packing up Orders to Be Shipped Out

This morning I am working on getting some of my orders that came through my blog. All five (one is out of the photo) are getting the Fall theme candles shapes with our new fall fragrances. I place all of  them in this cute pink bag, tape the back down with clear tape, followed by my logo sticker on the front. The last two boxes on the right included one pack on of bath bomb and the first two boxes are getting the sliceable bug melts.

I like to line my boxes with tissue paper, bubble wrap then lined them with pink and white shredded paper. I love the way everything match according with my them color. I even have my flyer in the same color them. I believe presentation is everything.

  Once everything is packed up with the invoice and of course products, I closed the boxes with tape then apply the shipping labels. This weekend they will be mailed out and I know my customers will enjoy their sweet Fall package.

Now you can order our Fall Festival Wax Sampler.

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