Friday, July 8, 2016

New Summer Flowers

Happy Melting Everyone!!

The warmer months are here and I am excited for my shop! I have added two new candle shape to my shop and I am happy to share them with you!!

*Sunflower and Spring Flower Pack Candle Melts

The first one is our Sunflower shape candle melts. I wanted it to resemble a sunflower, so I was happy when I saw this mold. The white in center break up the color and I loved how they turned out. So they will be listed with the white in the center and the customers can still choose the color and scent of candle. These be package 2 in bag. But of course if you want them as a party favor just convo me with the color, and date when need them. For the party favor they will come one in a bag with shredded paper to match the color of the candle.

The second one is our updated flower pack. I love the shape and details and how it came out. These will come 5 in pack because they are not all that thick. Plus I try to get each item in 2oz or 4oz size for easy pricing.

These are our two spring/summer edition in our Etsy shop. In our next post I will talking about our new sliceable shape wax melts.

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