Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Slice-able Wax Melts

New Softer Wax Melts

Happy Melting Everyone!
I am glad to present my first collection of slice-able wax melts.
I wanted to experiment with a new line of softer wax tarts, especially the ones that thick enough to slice so they would be able to fit inside the smaller candle warmer. These will be less of a hassle trying to break them apart. The only different is that I still wanted to be out of jar and more of a shape which what my candle line is all about. I have found out through the wax community that slice-able wax seem to be the going trend now and I have become fascinated with this type of wax and I was eager to learn so I can offer it as well.

These are some of our candle melts that will come slice-able. I will be adding more soon! Be sure to check out my shop for more shape.

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