Saturday, July 23, 2016

New Candles~Tuesday


It's another Tuesday where we highlight three of favorite candles that we have added to our awesome Etsy shop. For our first highlight we will be showing some spoons. These goes great with our ice cream scoops. These are some of candles that you will find in my shop. I have been busy with making products for an upcoming contest to have your own store front!!

You will get 8 of these scented wax melts spoon shaped which is adorable. You can choose the color and fragrance of your liking. I think customers would enjoy seeing these arriving in their mail box.

 White Pearls Treat Bars

Blue Ice Pearls Treat Bars

We love how our Treat Bars came out and they smell divine and a perfect fit for any tealight candle warmer. I have the base any color of your choice, top off with white and added the pearls to give it more bling.

These little Bars comes 8 in a Pack. The Pearls comes either White or Baby Blue.

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