Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Shipping Recent Orders

Shipping Recent Orders

I love printing my shipping labels and having my own little post office station at home. I hated standing in line at the post office trying to get customers' package deliver. I felt like I was in line for a long time when I could be doing something else. The second year into my business, I started ordering my boxes, scale(amazon), and shipping supplies from USPS.

Since then I shipped everything right from my home. No more standing in line. I love it!!
It makes my shipping a little faster because I don't have to worry about buying boxes and standing in line just to have my package weigh.
I labels all these boxes sot they are ready to mail.
I could either have my local postwoman pick them up or go right up to the window and dropped my package off. Any thing that keeps me from standing in line at post office is an  honor to me.

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