Monday, May 30, 2016

Behind the Scene: Business Cards

Behind the Scene: Business Cards

I had many business cards designs that really made me excited when ever my mail lady drop off a small package at front door. I am picky about how I want my cards to look and what content I want to display on it.
What can I say? I love my theme colors which are always Pink and Brown.
Here are two of my latest cards that I order from Vistaprint.

I do know certain items that are a must when ordering and designing a business card.
1. Simple colors~ Pink and Brown or I might just use one color.
    2. I like to keep it matte.
     3. Photo of an item that I want to showcase.
In addition to all these features I also included my contact information: My name, business name, email address, facebook,  my blog and of course my shop.
Here are a few of the changes that I had to my business cards and post cards.

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