Monday, April 25, 2016

Why We Love Our Customers

Why We Love Our Customers

We're not a large corporation, but we know every customers still expect great customer services and quality as if I'm running a large business. So what can customers expect from our business?

1. Customer's Feedback:
We care about our customer needs and if any there any issue we will make sure to take the time to solve the problem. We want to keep our customers happy.

2. Shipping In A Timely Matter:
Take in mind that when you place an order with us, we start on your order the same day or the next business day if your order is place after 3pm. We shipped orders between 3 to 7 business day, expect on Saturday. We shipped all our products through Priority Mail. 

3. Respond Time:
You can reach us through phone, voicemail, email, Etsy shop of course and any of the Facebook, Pintrest and Twitter accounts. It's very important that our customers are able to reach us and that we are available to answer any questions or help out in anyway we can.

4. Satisfaction:
If we don't have a certain color, scent or products on hand when you process your order, we will contact you. You will then have a choice to go with another color or scent in our shop. Some customers still want the scent and we can also send it in your next order free of charge if you chose to keep the order. If we can solve an issue we will because we want our loyal customers to be satisfied. 

5. Thank You~Coupon:
We know you work hard for your money and we want to make sure your money you get the best products. In addition to ordering with us, we offer a "A Thank You" discount, special promotion and free gift with your order.

So feel free to check out our Etsy Shop. 

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