Monday, April 4, 2016

Where I got My Inspiration

Are You Ready to Be Inspired!

If you've been following my blogs, you would know that I'm all about making candles, scrubs and promoting my business and of course hosting fun giveaway. Some times I need a little bit of Inspiration myself. So where do I get my inspiration from?

A lot of my Ideas come from color scheme. I write down what I think is missing from my online store. Say if I doing a collection line of sweets. I knew I wanted to have some candy shape products, Ice Cream products and of course Donuts shape products. I will talk more about my collection in the next blog hop.

I have listed some of my favorite ways of finding Inspiration~some of them might be some of your idea as well.

1. Blogs~There are many wonderful blogs full of great ideas. If I'm looking for a topic my a color scheme~I just type it in and there's my inspiration.

2. Magazine~I love to find inspiration from fashion and life style magazine.

3. Out Door Life~ Sometimes a good ol walk outside along a nature trail can get your inspiration idea flowing. How about taking a look at the building, trees and animals.

4. Art~There's no better Inspiration than the museum. I found inspiration at my local craft fair and local museum.

5. Search Engine~Need an Idea? Just do a plan ol topic search for what you are looking for. I have found a ton of Inspiration just on the web.

These are some of my Inspiration Ideas.

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