Monday, April 18, 2016

Tips That Help Me Market My Business

Tips That Help Me Market My Business

Everyone knows that I love to do blog hop and facebook to market my small business, but I have found a whole way of marketing opportunities. I wanted to share some of the tips that I have use to market my handmade biz so I wanted to share my list.

*Craft Fairs~I have done 5 craft shows before I really took my business serious enough, and two more after I became LLC. I learned that instead of just giving out business card, why not attached a small freeie along with it. This way they will remember you and hopefully gain new customers.

*Events/Small Business Workshop~This has been very helpful in a lot of ways. Connecting with entrepreneurs is a great way to cross promote and even collaborate with each other. I am always on the look of for small business workshop when business is slow. I was able to connect with a mentors who know the spa and beauty business very well.

*Email List~I never knew how important an email list was until I went to a small business meet up group which was held in my local city. This is one way customers can stay updated on new items and promotions as well as me staying in contact as well.

*Swag Bag Events~A lot of entrepreneurs may not see the use for this, but it's a big part of promoting. Instead of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on promoting, swag bags can reach more people because they have you have products and if it's a positive respond then the attendee will be more than eager to spread your business around and even become a new customer. I was feature in Party Magazines, web sites, my company was on the backdrop of these event, In program booklet and radio.

*Blogging~I never knew how time consuming this was, but this is of course the main way to show the story behind my company as well as promoting myself. I just have to set aside time to commit to blogging and that's why I use Hootsuite to schedule my blog in addition to my planner. I start by making a list of topic and the day of the week to post them. This way I will stay ahead. I use to do blog post every week, but because I have to work I have to do it every other week.

*Pintrest/Twitter~Whenever I blog, I make sure my topic Image is pinable. I am still learning about Pinterest, but I have learned they are far more better with traffic than Facebook. Twitter is also a good platform, more traffic than Facebook because your picture and twitter will not get lost in the feed.

*Discount/Giveaway~I love to say "Thank You" to my buyer and offering a special discount and freebie is some of the way to spread the word. This go again with signing up to my email.

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