Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Sampler & Gift bag Set

Introducing the Lucky Me Spa Gift Bag Set and Lucky Me Wax Melt Sampler

In this blog series, we'll be offering two spring bag set. We will not only look at what each bag entail, but also the scents and shapes. I don't know about you all, but I am looking forward to spring more this year than last year. Perhaps because of the new scents and new shapes. So lets' get right into the bags.

The Lucky Me Spa Gift Bag Set

The shapes for this gift bag are the Shamrock and Butterfly Candle Melts you get 1 Shamrock and 1 Butterfly. One large Shamrock Sugar Scrubs, Massaging Body oil scented in Pink Sands~2oz. Our Bath salts in pink or green scented in Orchid Rain and loofah. These items come in decorative gift bag. 

Luck Me Spring Sampler Wax Melts

This wax melt bags include 6 Shamrock; 6 Butterfly and 6 large Spring Flowers

You choose the scent and the color.

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