Thursday, March 31, 2016

Keeping You in The Loop!

Industry Born Magazine: American Top Model finalist~Bello Sanchez

I am delighted to have participated in the Industry Born Magazine's anniversary event that took place on March 25th. I was contacted by Tristen~the editor in chief and the woman behind the event.
What is Industry Born Magazine? Well, It's a new and upcoming publication out of Washington DC area. They have good reason to celebrate, too. That's because  Bello Sanchez was the American Top Model finalist; grace their cover.

She loved everything on my website, Here is the email that I was sent.

Hello Melissa,

Thank you for your prompt response in regards to Industry Born Magazine's seeking of gift bag donations for our 1 year anniversary event.  We are more than interested in having your bath salts, body oils or sugar scrubs in our VIP bags.   

Best Regards,

Tristen Blake
Editor in Chief
Industry Born Magazine

So I just had to make a few batch. Here is what I sent:

Body Oil and Rose Shape Sugar Scrubs

 Colorful Bath Salts scented in Orchid Rain

More Shape Sugar Scrubs with Rose Petals

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