Monday, March 28, 2016

How I Got into The Candle Making Business

How I Got into the Business

I wanted to share a little bit about me because this is something I’ve considered writing, but I hadn’t gotten around to putting it down on paper. I didn’t think it really matter or make a post about it. I love candles, but the idea at the time of having flame in the house wasn’t something I wanted around my home. In addition to that; at times I couldn’t smell the fragrances and it was a big disappointment.

I knew I wanted candles because I love the way they make my home smells, but I wanted candles that look cute and could be added to any d├ęcor.

So How I did it get Started!

I looked online on how to be creative with candles. It started off as a hobby of mines, so during the holiday I made some small Cupcake candles and gave them off as gift. They were cute, different and everyone asked how to burn these. I printed out some instruction how to use them and passed them out. Then I was getting orders to make some more.

I started looking for a name to call my business, so I launched Scandalicious Candle Melts at the time. I was so happy and I was looking for creative ways to come up with new shape, color and scents. I started experimenting with shape and to see which wax works the best with the products that I was trying to make.

Once I felt comfortable with how my products was coming out, I knew I needed a platform to sell and market them. I heard about Etsy and I new this was perfect for me because the set and design was the right choice for me.
Etsy is a place for small business to sell their handmade products. To list a products only cost $0.20, which was great for me.

`Still Continuing doing what I loved~

This isn’t a full-time gig for me. I love designing new products. I recently change my business name to Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats and added sugar scrubs, bath salts and body oil. I am continuing to add some body candles and body products.

~MARKET MARKETING ~ Marketing has because a big part of my business. Since then my business has been at Celebrities events and local events.

My goal to start off at a booth then grow to have a my own store. Right now I am working with a mentor and a business planner to make that happen.

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