Monday, March 7, 2016

Glitz~N~Glam Lovely Treat Swag Bag

Handmade Gift Bag Set

Give your attendees something special to remember with our one of a kind sweet treat items. Each guest will get a bag that is filled with items from my Etsy shop. This list also include what items were in each swag bag.

Rose infused Sugar Scrubs

Heart Shape Sprinkles Candle Melts

Lips candle Melts

2oz Body Oil scented in Pink Sands

3oz Bath Salts

each got one loofah 

3oz Bath Salts

All items were pack and package in cute pink and white gift bag.

The bags was well received at The Black Women Rock event and all to artist enjoy it. The list of the attendees including Abby who was the one pull this event together.

The 10 artist that received a Swag Bag 

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