Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Etsy Holiday Gift Exchange

Christmas Gift Exchange

Hey, my fellow readers. I just had to tell you about my amazing gift that I got from my Secret Santa back in December. This was first time participating in any type of gift giving outside from work. I knew it was going to be fun and who don't like receiving gifts! 
This gift exchange was started and hosted by Shyne Carstens of Eleven Dot Dot Eleven. She created a Facebook group for all Etsy sellers and crafters alike to exchange their handmade items with each other. We had over 30 shops signed up along with a link to their shop, so you know I just had to take a look and I must admit that I saw some fabulous sellers that I wouldn't mind making some purchase myself.

Every participants was assigned a person to whom he(she) anonymously~of course~ to give a gift. All the participants have no idea whom they will receive a gift from until it was unwrapped and find the shop owner's business card. 

So who was I paired with to gift? I was random paired Delphine Vanderstraeten of Spoil Them Rotten Etsy Shop. She makes custom made applique onesies for boys and girls as well as other items.

In this wax sampler we have 3 scents.
*Buttercream Cupcake
*Buttercream Crunch Cake
*Pumpkin Caramel Latte

Here are the shapes for this sampler bag.

4 scoops

6 melts
9 melts
Her responds:  

I opened mine today (arrived yesterday but was working a 24hr shift at the hospital), thank you for my wickless candle melts! They're super cute and will make my house smell good!

I got this post off of the Etsy Exchange Group page.

My secret Santa was Lindsey Spither of Craftstic Creation 4  Etsy Shop. She makes customizable handmade wood sign. Her is what I received.

This was a fun and great way to gift to other Esty owners because each one is unique and different. I really enjoy it, so when I mention to the group that we should do a Valentine's Day Gift Exchange, everyone feedback was great and pretty much on board.

Super Excited!!

So now the "Cupids Crush" Valentine's Day Handmade Gift Exchange has begun and I already have my gift ready picked out.

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