Friday, January 8, 2016

Teddy Bear Envelope Candle Melts~#valentineDay

Romantic Shape Candle Melts

Just a few more weeks, then love will be in the air and of course I know you are looking for that sweet, sexy fragrance to fill your home. You are probably looking for some awesome candles to give as a gift for someone in mind or you might want it for yourself. Well this year we added some new Valentine theme candle melts to our Etsy shop. If you saw the last post about our Romantic Shape Candle Melts is was about our "Be Mine Treat Bar Melts."

Let's take a closer look at our new Sweetheart Candle line, which is also available in the Sweetheart & Rose Valentine Sampler Wax Bag.

Fun, cute Teddy Bear Envelope candle melts will come in the color of your choice and fragrance of your choice as well. These tarts can be cute into the perfect size you need to place in your favorite candle warmer. They are highly scented to give an excellent throw.
You will enjoy these melts featuring an adorable teddy popping out of an envelope filled with cute little hearts. These will come 4 in a cello bag. weigh 4oz.

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