Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sprinkle Me Pink Heart Shape Candle Melts~#valentineDay

Romantic Shape Candle Melts

Valentine, valentine, be mine valentine. Valentine's Day is just a few months away, the aroma of romance and sweet alluring scent is in the air. I know you' are looking for that perfect cute candles to give as a gift or you might want to keep it for yourself. This special holiday we added some new Valentine theme shape candles @my Etsy shop.

Let's take another closer look at the Sweetheart candles, which is also available in the Sweetheart & Rose Valentine Sampler Wax Bag and in the Sweetheart & Rose Spa gift bag set.

First of all, I love how gorgeous these Hearts came out. They are sprinkle with pin glitter, which can also be sprinkle with red glitter as well. I don't mind creating some cute and unique candles that are eye catching. These melts come in a package of 4 with your choice of scent or pink or red sprinkles.

Also are Kiss Me Lips candle melts also made with the color and scent of your choice.  These  comes 6 in a clear cello bag.

Be sure visit my shop and start shopping so you get earn 50% off my selected feature items under the Sweet Treats selection. 

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