Friday, December 18, 2015

Skin Loving Massage Body Oil

A sweet, silky moisturizing body oil.

Once again we are adding something new to our bath and body products line. Our skin-loving massage body oil scented in Pink Sand. Unlike other body oil, this one will not rub off on your clothing nor will it give your skin that greasy feel. What a wonderful way to add moisture back into your skin. 

I have two sizes to choose from. Our 2oz and 4oz bottles comes with a flip top cap for easy pouring.
Our secret to a great body oil is to have it non-greasy, lightweight and hydrated once you are done with our other spa routine. This is the final stages to complete your pamper night. They are a perfect way to keep your skin moisturized and improving your body's skin appearance.

Don't just wait for the winter months to use any kind of moisturizer. In the summer you also need it more than the winter because of extra exposure from the sun can leave your skin wanting more hydration and the best way to quenched your skin's thirst is to use body oil. Just remember if you are reaching for the nearest lotion or creams, they tend to rub off and leaving your skin thirst again.

Scented in Pink Sand:Nice ocean citrus fragrance with blends of floral and sweet vanilla.  

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