Thursday, September 10, 2015

Lace Framed Scallop Candle Melts

Lace Framed Scallop Candle Melts

I am a huge fan of candles and different shape I can mold them in. I have candles all around my home and there's nothing like a sweet scent that is totally comforting and relaxing. I thought I shared my new shape and color of one my wickless candles that I am selling on my Etsy's Shop.

I have to admit, that I love this detail and cute rose in candle because the scalloped framed and the amount of fragrance that is candle can hold. You have the choice of picking out the fragance as well as the color that you want. This is just so pretty that you don't want to even burn it.

This item can also be given as great gift with a lable that is made by me with scent and scent discription on it.
Be sure to visit my shop and I hope you enjoy reading my blog. I am always adding new scents and new design to my shop!

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