Friday, September 11, 2015

Epsom Bath Salts

Epsom Bath Salts

You had a long busy week and there's nothing more than to set aside some time just to soak in a hot bath. Our parfait is enriched with fragrance of your choice, Epsom salts, arrowroot powder and topped off with a whipped shower steamer frosting that can easily taken off and use now or for later.

Create a warm water to soothes your aching body while you get to unwind and relax in a tub of natural ingredients and rose petals to enhance your pamper night.
We added our fragrance and color to make our bath salts look good and smell good so you can have a great bathing experience that will be even better than the last.

Pour some under running water, the stream of the water will distributes the salts throughout the tub while it release a wonderful fragrance.
Use it as an exfoliate: give your skin an extra super soft and glowing appeal. Take a handful of salts and add some water until it form a paste, then rub this mixture over your skin and rinse off.

Shower Steamer Frosting: whipped frosting top is one of the added feature to my bath salts. Now you can have the aroma of a shower steamer and the bath salt all in one glass.

What better way to pamper yourself.


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