Friday, August 28, 2015

Color Me Pretty Bath Bomb Part 2

Color Me Pretty Bath Bomb Part 2

I don't mind making bath bomb and these right here were by request when people are looking for a unique kind of gifting idea. Bath Bomb are very pretty and eye catching especially when I wanted to add some bright colors to them. I love making candles, sugar scrubs and bath bomb only because they inspire my inner most creativity. I didn't want to have the traditional circle bath bomb or the one color bath bomb which is seen almost every where, I decided to add some color and I love the color that I have chosen.

The color that is shown in these cute bath bomb are the white bottom ( which is made with Arroowroot Powder) this is a white, silky powder that is found in most natural body recipes and deodorant. A great add this lovely bath bomb.
The second layer is the same arrowroot powder excepted it color with blue soap colorant. as well as the pink. I also added Bentonite Clay powder to make it hard, but not to hard.

I single wrapped each of these bath bomb and tied a tag on it. Now they are ready to sent out. If you would love to have these bath bomb for your next event visit my Etsy page.

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