Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Vintage Chicago~Rockabilly and Tiki Event

Vintage Garage Chicago Event and Gift Giving
Can you picture Rock & Roll, popular 50's songs, the swing, jazz and the famous boogie. What about the famous names like Elvis and Buddy Holly. I'm talking about a moment in history where everyone was dressed like the 50's. Pretty cool right!
Vintage Chicago
Welcome to Vintage Chicago, where every year Melissa Sands put on 5 to 6 events where not just locals, but people from all over the Chicago area comes to buy and sell their vintage and unique merchandise.
This is probably the last place that you would expect to find my handmade Mini-Cake Sugar Scrubs, Right! Not really. When Melissa contact because of seeing my items at my Etsy Shop she was excited and I was delighted. She of course had a huge success with her company which caused her to be feature on Chicago TV (WGN).

I was super excited for this opportunity to participate in the Rockabilly and Tiki event which is to happen on July 19th. My handmade sugar scrubs will be found in her gift bag to pass out to those lucky contest winner. (Did I say she need 25!!!). No Sweat! I have package them all up right along with my business cards.

They are all ready to go in the Priority box waiting to be in the hands of those lucky contest winner.

These Sugar scrubs are made with Goat's Milk soap, sugar for exfoliating, Grapeseed Oil, Citrus Sinensis (which is also a natural colorant and it is loaded with Vitamin C and B1.)  and of course fragrances.

As a small business owner this has been very, very incredible and exciting experience for me and I can't wait to see what happen next.

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