Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Little Critters Candle Melts

Little Critters Candle Tarts

Summer comes alive with these cute little critter candle melts. They are truly inspired by the bugs of the spring and summer for sure. Some are a pest and some are beautiful, but you don't have to worry about these little ones causing any trouble. They made to fit inside an 18wts or 24wts candle warmer or you cute off a piece and place it inside any candle warmer you might have around your home or office.
Welcome to our newest edition to our candle melt line. We have:
*Bumble Bee
These will come two in a pack and shipped in a resealed clear cello bag. You can have your choice of the Butterfly and Ladybug or the Bumble Bee and Dragonfly.

These adorable critters are just darling to have in your home or office. They are 2.5 ounces and pack with a lot of scent of your choice.
You can find these little critters on my Etsy Shop!

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