Monday, June 22, 2015

Out of The Box Sampler

Out Of the Box Sampler
Introducing you to the Handmade Market
What is a sampler box you might asked? Well, a sampler box is organized by Michelle and every month she put together boxes that is filled with up to 18(sometimes more) samples from different small business's. These boxes are filled with lovely items like candle tarts, scrubs, bath bomb, jewelry and even gourmet foods.
This is a great way for small business like me is able to put my candles melts to new customers. I love sending in my samples every month because I was able to gain new customers and some of them went on to being regular customers.
Each Month there is a different theme which make it so much fun to do.
You can find me in Out of the Box Sampler and Tantalizing Sampler Box.

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