Monday, June 8, 2015

All about the Craft Show

Craft Show Event
I'm was so excited to announced that I will be vending at Town and Peddler Antique this summer! The good thing about vending at this location is that I don't have to be there except to stock up my shelf. I am so happy to be able to have my candles and soap in my own home town so the local to see and hopefully buy.
This past couple of days I have been taking my candles and mostly bath products (which is a hit) at my first store that I still vendor at. I am glad my two daughters were there to help me!
both set up notice the theme
The fun thing about attending each of these events is meeting ~hopefully new customer. With the new event coming up at Town Peddler and Antique Shop. Not only will I get to open my booth there, but they are having a crafter event too! I will keep my set the same because I really didn't want to bring a lot of items because I learned from past events that customer are there to look. I use this as a mean to get new customer that's why I have a few items that are display that can be bought.
The Redford craft show had a steady stream of customers and visitors. I was able to network with fellow crafters and vendor. People absolutely loved my Parfait Bath Salts and the sugar scrubs. Any Items I didn't sell, I used theme for the next craft show and with so many coming up I will not be attend all of them. Also these items will be at my store in Livonia.

These are my bath bomb
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