Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sweet Shop~Popsicle Candle Melts & Soap

The Sweet Shop

When you walk into a sweet shop I'm sure you'll find some of the yummiest, mouth watering treats. Well Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats is introducing two new candles to our shop. We capture that same unique sweet look and aroma in our candle melts.

We all scream for Ice Cream! This is one of our newest edition from our sweet shop line. Our Popsicle Mini wickless candles. You will get 9 of these cute little melts. They might be little but they pack a whole lot of scents. One will be a perfect fit in any tealight candle warmer or electric lamp candle warmer.

These Popsicle candle melts are a perfect fit in any candle warmer. You choose the color and scent.
Cool down the summer heat with our Popsicle soap. Just another great addition from our sweet shop line. Our soapsicle are handmade to look like the real thing.
4 colors to pick from
These adorable soaps are perfect party favor or keep them for yourself. Each soap is made with Goat's Milk soap and natural additives.

A great addition to scent your home in our candle melts and a great addition to your bath time.

Goat's milk contains Vitamins A, B, C, & D, but is particularly high in vitamin A which is required to repair damaged skin tissue. Alpha hydroxy acids contained in goat's milk are responsible for making the skin possess a more youthful appearance and they do this by assisting in the removal of dead skin cells. Creamy goats milk contains triglycerides (fats) that are nourishing to the skin and readily absorbed.

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