Monday, February 23, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day theme Box Set

Saint Patrick's Day theme Box Set

With Saint Patrick's Day right after Valentine's Day, I decided to join some blog hop that went right along with this holiday. A know a few of us rarely celebrate it, I know I'm one of them. Yet in still I wanted to create a great St. Patty's Day gift idea. I came up with this box set that I figure would be a wonderful treat to anyone who want a Luxury Lavender scented spa box set.

What is spa basket without candles? Candles are a must have to have in a spa basket. I don't use jar candles a lot because of the fact you have to keep an eye open, but with a wickless candles they are perfect to have because I could just close my eyes and enjoy the fragrance without the worry of flame.

In my St. Patty's Day theme box set that will include everything you will need to have a mini spa night or day in your own home. You will get everything in this lovely box set. Let's look closely at what you will get in this great box set.

Adorable Purple Scalloped Framed Rose Candle Tarts

This beautiful candle feature a detail single rose in a lovely oval frame. You'll love this wickless candle melt for yourself or as a stocking stuffers favor. You will get two melts with a ribbon.
The detoxifying power of bath salts in a delightful cocktail glass. No need to shake and no calories. A whipped top soap made with Goat's milk is added to each of these glasses. These adorable cocktails start with a plastic cocktail glass, filled with Epsom salts in purple and white theme color to go with the Luxury Lavender scent. Some box set will have the green and white theme color just for St. Patty's Day. We also have the travel size Epsom salts in also the same color. The glasses and the travel size salts are wrapped in cello and accented with a pink and white ribbon. The glass holds about 6.5 ounces of bath salts and the travel holds about 3 ounces.

What a great way to experience a spa in your own home with these lovely hearts. Not hot tub require. Just simply drop one into your bath water and surround yourself with the wonderful scent of Delicious or Luxury Lavender scents and the wonderful light purple specs color it will turn your water.

Winter isn't just for using sugar scrubs and a spa set would not be complete with out these cute Mini-Cake scrubs. You also don't have to wait until winter to give your feet, hands and your body a good scrubbing.  Sugar Scrubs are great for exfoliating dry skin or any skin to keep your baby soft. We want to pamper our skin with natural ingredients, but we know that store-bought scrubs version are often expensive and needless to say they list questionable ingredients. We at Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats have natural ingredients that you can understand and you will love the result.


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