Sunday, February 15, 2015

Adorable Scalloped Framed Rose Candle Melts Tarts

Spring into Spring Blog Hop Giveaway~Wickless Candle Tarts
Candle Melts~ Flameless Candle from Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats
Ask yourself this:
* Do you love candles?
* Do you hate keeping your eyes on burning candles?
* Do you hate the standard shape of candles?
If you do, then we have the answer!
I have uniquely shape wickless candles that you can use as an alternative to burning candles. This way you can have great smelling fragrances of a scented candle, but without the flame. At Sweet Candle Melts & Bath Treats, you can pick the color and style of candles. No other candle company can give you that option!
I know most of us love to burn candles and I have to admit that I do too, but there are times when burning candles aren't appropriate ( like in place of business, around kids and pets). Who wants to worry about having a candle burning with children actively present in the home. I know a peace of mind is much better than worrying about watching some flame.
No flame, No soot, just fragrance
Our scented wax tarts will melt safely in a low-watt candle warmer and tea-light warmer, a wall Plug-In, candle warmer with a light bulb. The melted wax allows for maximum scent throw for hours, without the worry and hassle of a wick candle.

Adorable Purple Scalloped Framed Rose Candles
This beautiful candle feature a detail single rose in a lovely oval frame. You'll love this wickless candle melt for yourself or as a stocking stuffers favor. You will get two package with a ribbon, making our adorable Purple Scalloped Framed Rose easy to give-and easy to keep for yourself.
This will be one of the item feature in these upcoming blog Hop!

Can't wait~order now at my Etsy Store!



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