Friday, December 26, 2014

Cocktail Bath Salts

Cocktail Bath Salts
Who doesn't enjoy having a cocktail once in a while? I know I do! Especially when it comes to pampering your body. I believe our body should enjoy a cocktail every now and then. I have been inspire to add bath items to my store line. (I am working on a new web store. I want to transition from Etsy to my own). 
I loved my new name and logo!! Real cute I must add. So with the new name I had to add new products and new fragrances. My first item I had to add was the bath salt. We know bath salts are great as soothing muscle pain and ache as well easing stress so you can unwind during your spa time( or bath time.)
What are the benefit of using bath salt? It's because of the key ingredients of magnesium Epsom salts. These natural minerals works wonder in regulating of cells activity and as a detoxifying treat. These salt crystals can also double as a scrub by pour a handful amount in your hand and adding water. No preservatives or synthetics are used.

 I wanted to make these bath salts look almost like a nice cocktail by using two colors and topping it off with a goat's milk soap to give it that extra fun look.
We will have a whole of line of colors and scents for you to choose from. They also can be given as party favors in your choice of scents and colors.
Did I mention that these will be feature in these upcoming Blog Giveaway!!

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