Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fall Box Candle Set

Great Fall Wickless Candle Box Set
Hi everyone! I had a wonderful time making plenty of great candles for all the past and upcoming blog hop. I wanted to make candles that go well with the blog theme as well as picking the right fragrances. I had a great turn out with giveaway and I really shouldn't be surprise as to how many folks love candles!
For each blog hop I wanted customers to be able to purchase the items that are in the box set as well as selling the box site on my Etsy site as well. It was fun to read the winners comments and well all the ones who enter my blog hop. A lot were surprise to see they were actually candles in lovely shapes. I also reached out to another soap maker and made purchases from Michelle from Glow Body & Soul. I just love her products and if have a box candle set with her soap included then you know what I am talking about.  

I'll be offering a Summer and Fall Box set next month when my store open. I am still getting my house fix up and I can't wait til it's all done so my daughters and I can move in. I will be adding more candles to my store so stay tune.

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