Monday, December 2, 2013

Natural Born Liar Book Cocktail

Natural Born Liar Book Cocktail

Hello my fellow readers and authors welcome to my Natural Born Liar book cocktail. I have decided to pair up this book with the white rose soap, Hat candle melt scented in Scandalous with a purple Pearl bracelet that is place inside a cocktail glass. Of course I have my shopping bag in the background with the name of my Etsy "Scandalicious Candle Melts".
This book is 1st edition to 3 parts series.

Book Summary: What happens when beautiful, twenty-year-old petty thief and ex-stripper Mink LaRue finds out she's a dead ringer for the age-progressed photo of the missing oil heiress Sable Dominion?
She pretend to be the Dominions' long-lost daughter, Sable. She knows she's hit the jackpot when she and her super ghetto partner in crime, Bowlegged Bunni, are admitted into the Dominions' 20-room mansion, complete with all the trimmings of a luxurious family estate.  But with a DNA test standing between her and a hefty inheritance, how long can Mink's bag of lies keep her rolling in the Dominions' riches?
From the summary its self, I can't wait to lite my candle and just let the fragrances take over while I'm reading all about Miss. Mink. 

Yes, this hat is really a wickless candles. I choose to use White Designer Hat in this cocktail because it shows how she blend in with the  Dominions' Family. The scent I decided to use is call Scandalous. This fragrance is a mix of white blossoms, aromatic peonies, wild jasmine, red roses, and fresh lavender.

Book can be purchase At Amazon
Designer Hat can be purchase at Scandalicious Candle Melts


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