Sunday, October 6, 2013

Relationship Marketing~Customers Needs

Having a great relationship with your customer is very important. A customer need to find a business that will listen to them as well as work well with them. In other words, they want a business that they can be comfortable with. We know that building a relationship is very important as well as crucial in order for a business to succeed. It will take several sales to gain an on going relationship with a customer. In the is article I talk about the important of having a focus on your customers need.

There are many ways to make your customer feel their needs are met.

1. Don't make your customers think that all you care about is their money and making a sale.

2. Listen to customers and no matter how many times they complain about their order, you have to solve their problems and work with until there is a solution that you both agree with. If you don't, then you will have lost another future sale.

3. Be very honest about your products. Don't say it does this when you know it don't. Also don't make promises or get a large order when you cannot fulfill.

You are in business for yourself, but your customers is the key to making your business grow.

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