Sunday, September 15, 2013

Getting Ready for Those Season Sales

Getting Ready Fall Sales

The Autumn season is in full gear and now the count down for Fall holiday is finally here. Now is the time to have all your fall fragrances and candles in stock and ready for those in coming orders. Here are some tips to boost your fall season sales.

*Give discount on special fall candles or fragrances. Shoppers love to save money and they are looking for great deals around this time of the year.

*Have on online or home parties with 5 Autumn and Halloween fragrances. Make sure you give ample time to plan the event with customers and promotional items so they can be repeat customers.

*Add a Candle gift basket to your store with 3 or 4 of your favorite Fall fragrances.

*We know that after the holiday that our slower months might be January. Offer a great discount deal when your customer place an order during your Fall sales. Give them a coupon or a coupon code for 25%  or more off to use during those slow months. 

*Give free samples to your customers. Everyone love it when they get something for free and this is way to get them to come back.

Now is the time to start advertising those Autumn Candles and Fragrances as well as your business.

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