Sunday, September 8, 2013

Can Consignment Sales Increase New Customers and Sales

Can Consignment Sales Increase New Customers & Sales

This type of selling is works great for business women like me who don’t or can't afford a retail store, but I do have the desire to open one, but it's not in my budget plan and hope to some day I will have my own little shop. This is one way to gain exposure to a wider  audiences.

For the summer, I partnered with a three boutique shop in my town for consignment sales. They were both not all that popular and they were in great location, but I was new and I wanted to try this type of selling and I was skeptical about the results. Still, I had nothing to lose (except all the candles and basket that I had), but it was worth the try.
A few of my items sold and I was happy, but it still idle with customers not knowing how to burn a wickless candles. I had to inform the store owner about how the candle melt using a candle warmer(which I provided). So I realized unless I am in front of the customers they will not understand how safe and easy to use a wickless candles. Some knew how to use it and that was great because that created a sale for me. I have to just stick with events and fair because this way I can hand out my information and even talk face to face with a customer when and if they have any question..
Consider these three tips before selling on consignment.

1. Research the store’s traffic. Your candles and soap won’t sell if the shop has few customers.
2. Have the shop or you write a simple contract detailing the consignment agreement. At a minimum, the percentage you will get for each sells.
3. If they are willing to buy whole sale then that's even great. I had one shop buy whole sale from me and it worked out fine.
Consignment selling can be a win or lose alternative, so you have to find out if consignment can really increase new customers and new sales. 

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