Friday, August 30, 2013

Using Sampler box to promote your business

Sampler sets are one way to promote and grow your business.

A sampler set is an excellent way to market your business directly to customers. Offering a sampler set will give your customers a chance to try a variety of your fragrances or products.
There a many ways to arrange a sampler box or bag set. You can do it by categories: Bakery scents, Fall scents, Men scents, Coffee and even Floral scents. Another great way is offer your top 10 selling fragrances or products. This way your customers will get to try before they buy.  Make sure you give a decent amount of products. You don't want to give something that is too small like in candle for instance. You wouldn't want give a dime size candles (tart) to a customers when you know you need a good amount for the customers to get a good scent throw. Remember you are trying to get them to come back to your store to place a order not to pass you up.
Deciding on how to package your sampler is totally up to you. There are two ways that I package my samplers. I use my gift bag if I am offering a lot of samplers. I usually have 16 of my top selling fragrances and style that I want to highlight.
You can also put your products in a box if you are giving it away as gift or if you have fewer sampler to offer. Each of my sampler box has a different theme that's make for a fun way to sell my candles. I  also like to give my box a unique name as posted in picture above.
So why aren't you offering sampler set on your store, go ahead and start now in this way your customers will know what to buy next.  

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