Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Candle Weekly Tarts Melts

Scandalicious Weekly Tart Melts
I just wanted to show my review of my candles I melt during the week. When I make candles I do have a little left over my orders so instead of pouring it out, I decided to use the 2oz cup so I can keep do a tester on how the candle throw and what I smell from the candle.
The candle warmer I use are the 24watts which I have in the bedroom, the lamp warmer that I have in my daughter's room. and my tea light candle which I have in my living room. These are the scents that I am melting.
Delicious~ So of course I wanted to find out what this smells like when melted. I just love this name begins with top notes of apple, cucumber, and yuzu(which is a Japanese Citrus fruit) followed by middle notes of magnolia, tuberose, lily of the valley, and fresh cut roses; with base notes of sandalwood and white amber.  It's interesting. I smell the roses and the sandalwood. It's fresh and floral. Kind of perfumey. This is the kind of scent that smells better in bath & body products form. This has a strong throw on cold sniff and when it's melting. Melted for about 2 days in the watts, and longer in the tea light.
Angels whispering~ This fragrance is very similar to the Glade original scent.  This fragrance begins with top notes of green leafy ferns and sweet florals; followed by jasmine and white floral lily; sitting on a floral musk base note.  I wanted to love this scent so much, but I couldn't smell anything. It had a light cold throw, which should have given me a warming and once I melted it there was no throw at all. I used the right amount of scent and there still wasn't nothing.
So I will not be adding Angels Whispering to my Etsy Store along with Angel.

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