Monday, June 3, 2013

On the Couch Interview With...

On The Couch Interview with Ania Kay

Meet Ania Kay of Kay Candles~
1.Tell us how you got started?
 Well as a Stay at Home mom, I was looking for something to do during the day, that was just for ME! I visited a Women's conference one day and there was a lady there selling candles. (Everyone was buying them and loved them)  I had an opportunity to speak with the lady after she finished vending. I've always loved candles since I can remember, so I was anxious to talk to her about 'making' them. I used to make them when I was younger (but I wasn't that good, so I quit). Long story short-she encouraged me to try again and I did. I went in my basement, grabbed a box of old candle making stuff and I haven't stopped making them since!
2. Tell us about your products you make?
I make Scented Candles with Wood-wicks and Custom Gift baskets. My candles are made of 100%paraffin wax and I only make Jar candles. I love making New scents and colors. I also make Gift baskets and customize them for Special Occasions or just as gifts. I love making baskets, because it's a great way to sell my candles as well. 
3.  Do you have a favorite product?
I love all my candles, but my absolute favorite scent is Kay-jito! It smells so wonderful, every time I smell it, it just takes me away to a different place-like my own private island. My customers love this new scent as well, it smells just like a fresh island drink!
4.  Do you have any advice for other crafter?
 My advice to other crafters would be 'Never stop'. No matter what the market looks like, no matter what people say-never stop letting your creativity flow!! Use that creativity till you can no longer use it and when you get to that point-find another way to use your creative skill. I love making Gifts-they really touch people and make them happy-so I'm thankful that in the times I wanted to forget it all and give up-I didn't. So don't quit whatever Craft it is that you do-keep doing it.
5. What is the best part of being a business owner? 
The best part of owning my own business is being my own Boss! I never thought I could do it or that it was even possible till now. I love it-I make my own hours, I control what goes in and what goes out and I can still be at  home with my children. Love the freedom and the flexibility.
My website is almost done being rebuilt-here is the link:
meanwhile, I use my facebook page to take orders and my blog for those not on facebook.I take orders by phone as well and through email. (CT is the only state I service right now-till my site is back up and running)
Email addres:
 Thank you so much for stopping by my site so we can see what your shop has to offer.
Great Candles for a great price!

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