Sunday, June 9, 2013

Candles Or Wickless Candles...Which one is better?

Candles Or Tarts, which one you prefer?
Let me just start off saying that I do love candles, but not as much as the wickless candles.  I wanted to make candles for my home and for my customers.  I have always loved candles because the flame creates ambiance and that cozy home feeling which electric and tea light candles does not. So I came up with the pros and cons.
Wickless Candles~
Wickless scented candles come in many so many shapes and sizes which I love to make.  The candle melt within the warmer which releases fragrance without the needed flame. In this way they are much more in safer and convenient. (You still have to remember safety guide with any electrical items ~unplug when not in use) Wickless candles can hold more fragrance oil than a traditional candle.
Also the warmer that is used to warm the candles come in different sizes, shape and color. Each warmer can fit any style and d├ęcor in your home. Which I love! I sell both the Lamp Electric Warmer and tea light warmer, but there are other company that sell other type of candle warmer. You are able to buy a lot of tarts for a low price. You are able to leave the warmer on without your home catching a fire. No need to trim any wick at all.

Jarred candles created soot and the open flames. You have to make sure the candles is in a safe place where it doesn't catch on fire. You can not leave your candle burning and certainly not over night without the worry of a fire. You cannot reuse the wax once it is gone~ it's gone. You will have to go out and buy a new candle. I found that some candles do not burn evenly it seems like candles only want to burn in the middle part~ the closest part to the wick. The size of the candle depend on the jar which is not a lot of choice. You have to keep your wick trim. 

 which candle would be the best for YOU?

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