Monday, June 24, 2013

Back to Business

Vacation is now over...So sad!!

I had a great time in ATL. I stay at my sister's wonderfully house and I was able to see her other two sisters and my great niece and my nieces and nephew.
ATL kinda remind me of Florida, but with more Detroit style. The weather is beautiful and very hot! I did enjoy myself there, it's just that everything was so far and you have to have car to most places. I'm glad my sister let me drive so my niece could show me how to get to all the shopping and places to eat, which was right up the street! This would be the perfect spot for me if I live in her area. Did I tell you she works from So she don't have to worry about driving in the bumper to bumper traffic.
Also I didn't know my niece Essence is such a great singer!! She had 4 cd that she done. I am so proud of her and her great talent. They were able to use the studio to record her songs that she wrote. Great CD by the way so hopefully she will get a contract soon! If not it's alright because a lot of singers and even Grammy winners are independent artist. She is going to compete in the American Idol when they come to ATL in Aug, but they will be here Next month. I told her she should come to Detroit first and that way she will have two chances.
I was able to network down there as well. I never go anywhere with my photo book so I show certain stores and shops my candles. I am so glad I did. So guys if you have a product don't forget to bring photo and just because you are on vacation doesn't mean you can't market to future customers! 
Well, I did enjoy myself and now I have to get back to business and to work. I have one more vacation and that is in Three weeks. Chicago here I come!!
The singer~my niece

my nephew

my niece

My sister's pad or home

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