Sunday, March 10, 2013

Wickless Candles by Scandalicious Candles

Purse candle melt on Electric cand warmer

Wickless Candles by Scandalicious Candles & Candle Melts
Scandalicious Candles Melts is a unique way and a safe alternative to burning traditional candles.  It is best to use with an Electric Candle warmers that you can now purchase from my Etsy store. The candle warmer slowly melt the highly scented candle wax design in a dish. This helps to maximize the strength and life of the scent. The candle warmer as well as the candle melts can be used time and time again with as many different scents as you want.  By doing it this way, you can easily save money over time. Instead of buying a traditional candle with a wick, using it until the scent is gone, and throwing it away, why not buy an electric warmer to use with our one of a kind candle melts. 

2 in 1 Electric Candle Warmer~$14.00

In addition to savings with our low price on our candles, Our melts are safer than traditional candles. The 2-1 Electric Candle warmers use 24 watts of power, there are no more worries about fire hazards.  2-1 Electric Candle Warmers are perfect for homes with pets and children, because you won't have to worry about candles getting knocked over or fires. Our candle melts has a melting point just above normal body temperature, so there is no concern about the melted wax burning your skin.
Also with traditional candles, you may start to notice a black soot on your walls.  With the 2-1 Electric Candle warmers will not heat the wax as hot as normal candles, the scent is released and nothing else. You will never see soot on your walls with these candle warmers.
The top part is used for the melts and the bottom part is where you can place the Jar Candles on the base up to 4 inches in diameter.
One of the greatest things about our candle melts is the quality.    Scandalicious Candles & Candle Melts only uses the finest scented oils in our melts. 


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