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On the Couch Interview with...

On the interview couch with Kimberly Reese
Meet Kimberly of Flavor Candles~

1. Tell us how you got started? I got started by looking in The Chicago Tribune job magazine, It said be you own boss , make candles in your home and it was from Candleweath Candles they went out of business, and they was from California so I got the Starter Kit which was 22.00 so I send them a money order and I got it the following week the kit consists of a bag of wax, 8 small tins, vanilla fragrance, wicks holder, and wicks , s I called the 1-800 number and they said I was going to make them in the microwave so I got scared , and I told the operator I did not want to want to burn my Mother house, Jalen my nephew was 4 at the time was my little helper, so she told me to get a cup and put the wax and the vanilla fragrance in , and she said get a hand fill, so me and Jalen did it and she told me to heat it up for 3 minutes and she told me the liquid was hot so we was careful, and she told me to pour it carefully in the silver tins , then she told me to put the wick in the middle so it can be straight, and she said
put the wick holder which is a wooden stick with a hole in the middle and when it melt cut the wick down so It will not catch on fire, It did that to my Dad Candle so now he want a candle for the store so he support me in getting business cards and supplies, so Candlewealth gave me my own website, and I was getting candles supplies and my first customer was my Yahoo friend Shawnta and it was 20.00, and they had mentors and Joel was my mentor and they had events, and Dan and Daniele that was they computer, and they had conventions I never went to them because it was to expensive to go out of state, so when Candlewealth went out of business, I got my supplies and I look for a website until I found one and he was reasonable I gave Joe 192.00 and every month it was 10.00 so now he charge me 60.00 a year which is reasonable and I told people about him, and I love making candles and being my own boss and I mailed my candles all over the country and I got most of my costumes on facebook.
2. Tell us the products I make? Of course I make scented Candles and I have readymade candles for the grown and sexy, they are the penis, the vagina, and the breasts.
3. Do you have a favorite product? The Cranberry Candle is my favorite candle it smells good and A lot of people order it for Christmas.
4. Do you have any advice for Crafters? Even when the business get slow do not take it personal, have business card, Vista Print is cheaper you get 250 cards for 20.00, go to Events, and shop in bulk, and find a place or a website that have cheaper prices, and charge people out of state 20.00 extra if they do not want to do it , and if you like the person tell them I am going to do it this time, but next time I will charge, and if you know that person is struggling then do no charge, but do not do it for everybody else or it will be drama. Have samples and put your business cards all over the place and sell your candle outside when you is walking, or the bus stops.
5. What is the best part of being a boss? That I am Independent and I do not have to hear no drama from the boss and co- workers and I always got fired a lot of jobs like my dad, so he started his own extermining business and I always had my own business and My Dad inspired me.
6. I forgot about the last question, Is anything I am working on? I am having a candle event at the Holliday Inn in Matteson and every day I sell my candles.
Thank you so much Kimberly for coming by and sitting down with
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