Monday, February 25, 2013

Pamper Yourself With A Spa Day At Home

Create Your Own Spa Day At Home
Two years ago I was interview on a Florida Radio Station called~Hype Media~ and the topic was about 'how to create an at home Spa Day. Well, the answer was pretty simple. The first thing you need to do is set aside time, which is only about two to three hours. Everyone deserve some quality time to de-stress and relax yourself. You really don't have to go broke just to have some downtime. A trip to the dollar, use your own home remedies with items that you might have at home, or how about visiting the online Etsy's store where there are a lot of talented Bath & Body Shop makers.
Here are a few steps to treat yourself to a relaxing "Me Time" experience.
1. Set aside a day
Pick a day you want to have as your home spa day. You will need at least two hour without any interruption from hubby, kids and all cell phones and house calls.
2. Prepare for your special day
You don't want to waste time getting everything together when you're suppose to be relaxing. Have everything ready the day before. Make sure you have your bath items, clean towels, any special drink, but most importantly make sure your bathroom is clean.
3. Create your space
I know you wish you were probably on a real spa retreat instead of your own bathroom. There is one simple trick I use when I'm sitting in front of my computer. Since my computer is facing the wall. I decided to find a picture with the type of scenery I want. You can easily purchase your scenery from sites that sell them or do a free scenery photos search.
my nice view of the ocean.
You decide how large you want your photo to be.
4. Getting ready
Now it's time to run your bath water with your bath products you have picked out. Put the soft music on. A great soothing music is the key to any spa-like atmosphere. Have your favorite smoothie, Champagne or tea ready beside you as you soak in your "All About Me" space.
5.  Don't forget the candles
I love having candles around, not only they give off that nice glow, but they make the space smell really great. Fragrances have a way to put you in a different mood when they are lit. You can use a candle warmer if you don't want to burn a candle. Both candle warmer and votive size jar candles are great to use in your bathroom.
We offer many kinds of fragrances to create that perfect spa- atmosphere.
Spa Scent from Scandalicious Candle & Candle Melts:
*Cashmere & Silk~
A soft and sensual bouquet of creamy French vanilla with sandalwood, patchouli, and musk accented by rose, violet, apricot, and creamy coconut milk. 
*Orchid Rain(new)
This fragrance is modern and spa-like. You will be tantalized by the unique combination of fresh orchids, peony, water lily, watercress, aloe vera, and bamboo. A fragrance that opens your mind and soul to complete harmony. 
*Pretty Kitten
An invigorating blend of island fresh kiwi, ripe strawberry, sun-kissed peach, Anjou pear and spring flowers that is sure to please even the fanciest of felines.
*Rock Star
The wild side of vanilla embraces succulent, ripe strawberries and the delicate floralcy of violets and jasmine.

we can also custom make a spa basket just for with our votive jarless candle or candle warmer set. Each basket will include eye mask, CD spa music, & bath glove
just convo me.


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