Sunday, January 6, 2013

Valentine Gift Set

Valentine Day Gift set
Can you believe that Valentine Day is only weeks away. Give your special Valentine a little something special this year with one of our three gift basket, gift box or bowl sets. All are scented in Sheer Seduction, Satin Sheets, Kiss & Tell, Wedding Day & Wedding Cake. You can choose up to two scents.
Our Basket & Box sets include:
*mini Teddy Bear
*Candle Warmer/2 tea lights
*2 Red Lips Melts
*2 Pink Lips Melts
*Lipstick Melt
*2 Hearts Melts
*1 Melts Tin~Red
*Pink Scented Rose
*Mini Cupcake Melt
*Valentine love Coupon
Our Bowl Sets include:
*3 Red/Pink 3.oz Jar
*1 Heart Shape Tin
* Kisses Candy
*Valentine Love Coupon
*Scented Rose
Sexy Lips is perfect for Valentine.
Single & Double Hearts candle melts will melt your heart away with it's awesome scents

Mini Valentine Candle Warmer Set
This set include a Candle Warmer, 2 tealights, Kisses candy, Sexy Lips, Heart candle melt, Mini Cupcake candle melt & Love Coupon.
As you can see I love making gift set and I include a warmer & 2 tealights with all my gift sets because I want you to enjoy my melts as soon as you recieved your package. I have made 5 of these sets for a store and I am also going to make 5 bowl and 5 box set for the store as well.
I will be doing a contest almost like quiz. I will have 5 question for each and for customer to answer and another contest for customer who bought my melts. They will also be enter to win some awesome candle melts so stay tune.
Contest is coming Soon!
A Candle Warmer *2 Tealights *Sexy Lips * Mini Cupcake * 2 Heart Melts*Valentine Coupon (Fragrances~Satin Sheets)
To purchase my basket visit my store @Scandalicious Candle & Candle Melts


Aryn said...

Very cute! I'm going to have to start shopping for Valentine's Day soon! Thanks for the follow!

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Lisa love said...

Thank you so much! I have 5 orders. They already sold by the time I finished them.

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