Tuesday, January 15, 2013

On The Couch Interview With...

On the Interview Couch with Jamie Myers  & Sarah Scott
Let's first meet Jamie owner of Owner of JMae's Soaps and Candles.
1.       Tell us about the products you make?
I started out making cupcake soaps and bar soaps; which eventually lead me into bath bombs; then I got request to make candles I thought hmm that’s not very bath and body related but I guess if you want to light a candle while you relax in your tub they could go hand in hand. So I now offer along with soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs, bath bombs; Candles loafs, pies, chunks, tarts, and clamshells. Candles in 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz.
2.       How often have you done craft shows? I have only done one and that was on December 8th, 2012.
3.       What are the positive & negative of going to these shows?
Positive: Get your business name out there; get new customers or clientele. Meet new people that maybe share the same passion you do. Having Fun.
Negative: You might not sell anything, you might make back what you spent to participate in the show. You might have not enough stock or too much.
4.       Do you have any advice for crafter/home business wanting to do craft shows?
Do It! I was so nervous but I met a ton of nice people and they were helpful and gave me advice. You’ll get the hang of it once you do more and more.
5.  Is there anything you are working on now?
Whipped Wax for on top of my pies and loafs and Fluted Tarts (single tarts) and sampler packs as well.
I also have a group on facebook called JMae’s Soaps & Candles which anyone may join if interested we talk about scent blends, and new ideas, and just are a little wax family.
Thank you so much for sharing. Right now Jamis is having a great sale at her Esty Shop~Buy two get one free anything!

~Next up is Sarah Scott  & she is the owner of Sweet Soap Bakery~

1.Tell us how you got started? I started "Sweet Soap Bakery" a year ago after my Husband lost his job, and I was a Stay at Home mommy at that time for twelve years. I was always Crafty, and Loved seeing handmade Soaps at Craft shows etc, and I saw it as a wonderful way to give me a socializtion, but to also make some extra money for my family, but most importantly, a way for me to still be able to stay at home with my Daughters. (Who are the Absolute BEST Darling Divas around, just saying!) Currently, I am striving to make Sweet Soap Bakery a Success due to the fact that my thirteen year marriage has come to an end. My Husband has left my Daughters and I, and I am more determined than ever to Sell a Product that is different, that is glamorous and fabulous! God is good and the Lord will Bless those who walk by Faith!

2. Tell us about your products you make? Sweet Soap Bakery has the Sweetest Soaps! We are not plain, not simple....But FABULOUS, GLAMOROUS, GIRLIE, and all of the Above! Afterall, We don't have your Mama's Bar Soaps ;) We make All kinds of Flavors/Scents, Pretty Colors and make our Products Feminine and Fun! Each Soap has Style, Attitude, Class and Spunk! Each and every day we already have plans for something New and Hip!

3. Do you have a favorite product? Of course! Our Girlie Glam Slice! Oh my goodness gracious..it's Perfect! What girl doesn't love pink, purple, Sparkle, Shimmer, Shine and Diamonds!!! Heeelllllloooo World! All that topped with the Ultimate Sweetness of All scents! Yum, this one is the Rockstar of all Soap Bars!

4. Do you have any advice for other crafter? Yes, NEVER Try and Copy my work:) Just Saying....We strive to be one-of-a kind! We strut our Sassy selfs and are PROUD and Happy to be the ONLY Soap Bakery, and the only Soaping company with so much Prettiness and Glam!

5. What is the best part of being a business owner? The fact that i get to be at home with my Two most Precious Gifts that God has blessed me with, Alexia and Ashley, my Rockstar Daughters who inspire me each and every day. I am blessed with the most wonderful Family who supports my work and gives me a reason to smile every day. I hope that I have inspired you all to try Sweet Soap Bakery Soaps, It will bring out your inner Diva and Rockstar:)

6. Is there anything you are working on now? Or any events that your are involved in? Currently worked on our Website, and Packaging, We are Improving Daily and we are super excited for all the many great things to come this year! Have the SWEETEST day!

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful products. Let me tell you guys this talented crafter soap looks awesome!
Be sure to visit her Store @ Sweet Soap Bakery 




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