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Peppermint Candi

Peppermint Candi
a sweet short story

I sat in front of my lap top waiting for him to email me back. I reached across my lap top and picked up a piece of peppermint candy that I pour into my glass jar.
A second later.
My heart began to get excited as I hurried to click on the labeled that said Dark Chocolate. When it opens, it said:
          Hey Baby,
I don’t even know you, but I feel like I do somehow. Your husband is an ass hoe for not treating you like a special woman that you are. I bet I can make you moan in pleasure. I want soo bad that I can taste you. I bet I’ll have you on the verge of pure pleasure. Please tell me your name. It’s only fair that you know mines, but I don’t know yours.

Dark Chocolate

          I had to come up with an online name that was unique but sexy at the same time. I glance over the jar of peppermint candy and it gave me an idea. After reading his e-mail, I wanted to feel him next to me. My husband, Colin was always at his second job and sometimes he doesn’t get home until well after nine. My ass is knock out sleep and every time I want to fuck his ass is always too tired.
I went ahead and type back.

          Hey My Chocolate Candy Bar,
Even though we’re both married, we still have each other love. I can image your sexy hips on the walls of my vagina and I can image your tongue flicking in and out, making my whole body jerk. I want you so bad that I can’t take it anymore.
Peppermint Candi

          I hit the send button.
        A few second later, Colin came down stairs so I hurried up and close my lap top. Even though Colin was a sexy brown-skinned man with a well built body, but the sex wasn’t hitting on shit!
        “You’re still writing on that damn computer?” He asked rudely.
          “Yes, I am and right now I have writer’s block. If you were a writer than you would know that!” I snapped back. “What were you doing up stairs anyway?”
        “Grading paper as usually!” He smirk.
        “So what are you going to do now?” I asked. I wanted him to leave so I can continue my chat with Dark Chocolate.
        “Why?” he asked again with that rude remake.
        “So I can’t ask you a question?” I looked at him strangely.
        “I’ma grown ass man and I don’t have to explain shit to nobody!” He then flops right down on the sofa.
        “Oh! So I ain’t nobody now!” I snapped back.
        “I’m trying to watch my show and I can’t because you keep smacking your damn gums!”
        “Well, I wouldn’t have to smack my damn gums if you didn’t come down here starting that same shit with me again!” I rolled my eyes.
        “You know what…I’ma go ahead and step and work on grading these paper, then maybe your unemployment ass will have come down by the time I get back!”
        “Good!” I wave good-by as he walked out the front door.
        I opened up my lap top and waited for him to respond and as I waited, I started to read his past e-mails from two months ago. The third e-mail was where it really started to get hot and heavy. Each letter I read I began stroking myself. I slowly closed my eyes and instantly image how Dark Chocolate look and feel. I visualized my leg spread wide open with my legs wrap around his strong thigh. He forcefully began to pound me hard and good. My movement was much too slow for his speed. Without warning I let out a loud moan as I went deeper and deeper. I could feel myself getting to that high point.
        I moan again imaging Dark Chocolate also on the verge of his reaching his goal too. Seconds later, my hand was wet with all my juices. I got up and went into the bathroom to clean myself off. A few minutes later, I went back down stairs to my lap top. I was happy to see that I had an email from Dark Chocolate.

          Hey Peppermint Candi,
I’m sorry for not writing to you sooner. I didn’t want my wife to suspect anything so I had to play it cool. I had to get away from prying eyes. I want you to know that you’re my little secret. I really love that name Peppermint Candi…I can’t wait to put you in my mouth and just suck on you. Would you like that?
Dark Chocolate

          I was so excited to hear from and if my husband was every bit like Dark Chocolate then maybe I wouldn’t have to cheat on him. I have to also say that if it wasn’t for my two best friends, Sharron and Shaneka then I wouldn’t have known about this site called Ultimate Pleasure or even known about Dark Chocolate. Of course my friend, Shelia didn’t believe in cheating because her husband was always at the home. It was Sharron and Shaneka who told me about this site in the first place. The three of us had to look outside out house just to pleasure ourselves.
        Sharron’s husband was a truck driver so he was almost never home and Shaneka was single and she was just looking for any type of fun. They always say to me, RaShawn, you need to get yours because he’s out there getting his. I don’t know how true that was, but one thing for sure is that I wasn’t getting any like I use to in the beginning. So that’s when I decided to do me.
        I replied back to his e-mail:

          My Dark Chocolate candy man,
That’s why I called myself Peppermint Candi because one taste of me will have you wanting more! I want to see you!
Peppermint Candi

          I wanted to meet him in person because I needed a face to go with these hot and steamy e-mails.

        I was so happy to know that he was still there and hopefully we could meet in person. I immediately began reading his mail:

          Peppermint Candi,
Of course we can meet up. I just have to come up with something to tell my wife and I know you have to come up with something to tell your husband.
Dark Chocolate

          He was right! I knew Colin had a teacher’s convention coming up next week so I knew I could use that to my advantage. I e-mail him back right away.

          My Dark Chocolate,
My husband will be out of town so I figure we could meet at a hotel.
Peppermint Candi
I hope you’re hard just like me

          I sat patiently by my lap top, waiting for him to reply. I was feeling excited by my idea and me getting to see him soon in the flesh. My mind started to wonder again as thoughts of Dark Chocolate pounding me and I knew I could take all of him.
I quickly open it up.

My Peppermint Candi,
That sounds great! I have to travel too, but I’ll cancel my plans, but I’ll let my wife continued to think that I’m still going on that trip. I want to spend a week with you and I can’t wait to feast on you! A lawyer’s job is never done!
Dark Chocolate
I can’t wait to taste you

          After I sent my last e-mail, I decided to call it a day. I knew Colin will be home soon and I didn’t want him to know anything that I was doing behind his back.
        Just like I said, Colin enters the house and went straight to the bedroom. I had no intention of going in there trying to sexy him because I knew he still had that nasty ass attitude. I still needed to talk to him so I can plan my date with my Dark Chocolate. I decided it will just have to wait until tomorrow.

        The next day we sat at the kitchen table drinking some coffee.
        “Colin, how long are you going to be gone to this convention?” I asked.
        “Why are you always in my business? Don’t worry about!” He said, studying me.
        He kills me with his smart ass remark. “I just wanted to know! I’m still your wife!”
        “We’re going to have to change that!” I heard him say under his breath.
        “I heard that!” I stared at him. “Do you want me to drop you off at the airport?” I asked in a calm way.
        “Hell, naw! I can drive myself…you just do what RaShawn knows best and that’s shit!”
        “Fine!” I was glad he did decided to go by himself because I didn’t want to sit anywhere near him anyway. Just the thought of him touching me made me sick to my stomach.
        I really didn’t want Colin to know the truth about what I was doing behind his back, but he left me no choice. It would’ve been a great irony if Dark Chocolate and I both left our mates and we ended up being together. I smiled at the thought of that!
        After I shower and ate breakfast, I decided to do a little shopping for a nice teddy and some eatable body cream at Pleasure & More store. I was to meet Dark Chocolate in two hours at the Randell Hotel in suite #204.
        The hotel was even more beautiful than I had ever imagined. I always looked inside, but not really had a reason to step inside. I went up to the front desk to let the lady know that I was here for my keys. She informed me that Mr. D.C. was already here and that he was expecting me.
        Once inside I saw some rose petals on the floor going in the direction of a closed door. I saw a bottle of champagne and two glasses on the table and a note. I picked up the note card and read it.

          Hey Peppermint Candi,
Bring the bubbles and the glasses when you come into the bedroom. Just follow the petals to your Ultimate Pleasure because your Dark Chocolate is hard as candy and I can’t wait to get a nut.
Dark Chocolate

          I took off everything except for my shoes, bra and panties. I wanted to look somewhat like a peppermint candy so I wore a dark red lipstick, red heels and a red and white panties and bra set. I grabbed the bottles and the two glasses. As I got near the door I could hear Alicia Keys “Unthinkable” and that’s exactly what I was doing! But if Colin could act more like a Mr. Goodbar then I wouldn’t have to feast on my man candy!
        I turned the door knob and took a few steps in. Once he turned around and faced me, I screamed so loud that it cut through the music that was playing and his eye grew with pure shock. The bottle of champagne and the two empty glasses went crashing to the floor. My heart was racing a mile a minute as we both started at each other in silent and disgust!
To be continued…
Stay tuned to for the full length version coming soon!

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